Imagery is essential to our function as humans that it can get us emotionally charged.

Germans sought to discover and label stages of art from its origin in human progress.

The art on real domination indicates the status in Papa New Guinee in tribes today, and art can show the status of a person or organization what they want to be perceived to stand for.

Fried found a rhythm in the art world can cause certain feelings. And art should be co. Ended and integral to its effects so I individuals find it desirable and satisfying.

Art is said to be both pleasurable and advantageous because it’s therapeutic and can have us feel contradicting and disturbing and feelings. It can allow us to escape and permits temporary participation in a more desired alternative world.

Art gives us a sense of experience art gives us access to more than a supermundane world—a level of reality different from everyday immediacy.

Art exercises and teak s our per work on of reality, and it prepares us for the unfamiliar or provides design or from which to draw appropriate response see to experience that has not yet been meet John Or say 1934

Hebert Reed, 1955. A major premise of art was crucial; I am to the central evolution of the human Robinson art is a means by which humans develop and extend their co considerable unconsciousness. To develop skills, have a firmer grasp of reality.

Art helps give us an alternative reality it helps with the imagination, I tuition, fantasy, illusion, make-believe the uncommon dream, which allows us I problem-solving. And come g up with all sorts of situations to problems where be fire, we had no answers. But through the imagination, the unconscious can all what it once couldn’t. That’s what art can do trigger the imagination.

Human motivation based on emotional involvement and imagery does this.

Art helps humans escape boredom. Craft may accelerate and motivate human efforts to evolve faster. The brain cerebral needs visuals stimulation. Cambel 1973

The complexity of our emotional nature means feelings have life importance of their own. So imagery is essential to our function as humans that it can get us emotionally charged. We equate life with feelings. To feel alive is to have freely vs. and emotions which imagery stimulates.

One of the reasons we have presumed that art has selective value is it’s pleasurable. They may evoke intense and quintessential feelings.

Great works of art have been so far intimately bound to religion and power until the very recent past that is, in a sense, inappropriate to appreciate the purely aesthetically.  It was but to the glory of God’s or rulers that motivated their creators even today, and art is like that. It’s only the elite who get to buy and appreciate their merits.

Those who feel they are among the elite nevertheless feel and proclaim that in some fundamental way that they need art in which case art is for something besides itself after all. Art has an aura of the sanctity of the works themselves.

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