While going to school, I saw the impact that images can have. I understood why government could fear art as it can crumble and build governments. Images can impact an outcome of war like the Vietnam war, a couple of images brought an end to the war.

I have created images were people were emotionally charged. Bringing tears to their eyes for appreciation and to display pictures proudly.

I learned how powerful images can have an impact. Imagery can get people emotionally charged for good and evil.
People want experience s images to give people that emotional experience. Pictures can tell an emotionally impartial story.

Art is said to be both pleasurable and advantageous. Because it’s therapeutic and can have us feel contradicting and disturbing and feelings. It can allow us to escape. At permits us to temporary participation in a more desired alternative world.

Art gives us a sense of experience. Art gives us access to more than a supermundane world. A level of reality different from everyday immediacy.

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