Art Saved My Life

How I hope my art can help you!

I had been searching, trying to find my way in life. What was my passion, what makes me feel alive? Life had to be more than work and money. I had to find what I loved. I wanted a new way to live, not the old way in which I was living, and I tried to find my way in life.

My purpose in photography is?

To have people look at my imagery and go wow you did that? Wow, how did you do that? I want to make people go from a place where they might be in a boring or stagnate state of mine. And invigorate them to a new leave to leave a positive impactful meaningful time. Like they are being transported to another realm and are like wow I can’t believe I experienced that. I can’t believe what I am seeing it’s so good from the harsh world. I want to inspire them to expand their mind to a peak state where they feel inspired and motivated. I want them to experience this as so good they can’t believe it’s actually real. Yet it is real.

What I what I want my imagery to do.

You should grab one of my pieces of artwork, that I am offering for sale. It will give you and your guests or clients something to talk about.

It took a couple of months before I got my diabetes under control. With glasses, I could see better. It was my pure desire and my love for photography that pulled me through. It gave me a desire to keep my sugar levels under control. It kept me alive. It helped me get better. Getting that darn degree in photography was my inspiration to get well. I found photography was my passion and gave me a desire to live.

My love for multi-media art and photography continues to this day. I love to study it. I love to do it. I love to share it. I love to see the emotional impact it has on other people.

I love to create and to travel, so yes, earning my degrees saved my life. multi-media and photography are my passion. I have kept most of the art I created for myself. Lately, yet, I have been sharing it. I have seen the impact it has on others. I have seen how it uplifts them.

I hope my art can save your life. I hope it can better your life as it has for me.

So, yes, art saved my life, and I hope it can help you as well.

Best Wishes,

Aaron Kaggie

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